Monday, June 29, 2009

Teen Time!

We finally had our first official meeting with the Youth!

It went pretty well! We are doing multiple lessons each day for this week since they were 'unable' to meet with us last week! We talked about the definition of sin and what it means to be separated from God! We did another illustration today! This time we had two teams and they had to keep a "McD's" playground ball in between them, without touching it and walking from the gate to a random light pole! Each time they became separated from the person in front of them, the ball dropped and they had to start over. Luckily, we have Jesus that forgives us when we drop the ball in life so that we don't have to completely start over!! James and Shelby's Team actually made it to the pole (after we allowed them to put their hands on the shoulders of the person in front of them!

We had time to eat some cake and then play some basketball! These guys (10 guys and 1 girl), are very competitive, so it was fun to watch them battle it out while playing knock out! There were some surprise one on one knockout rounds, but they ended up being pretty evenly matched!

Elo showed up today! We have heard some new chick jokes...and we have heard that there are more to come...I'll let you know if we hear any funny ones...supposedly some of them are funnier in Portuguese...I don't know...

At 4, the boys went to play soccer on the field, so we went and watched them for a bit until the bugs bothered us enough to go to the playground.

At the playground, the battle of Sula, Jordan, Shelby and now others continued! Luckily there was sand to fall on this time (instead of the tile floor or harder ground, but now you had to deal with sand in the mouth!). Luckily the handycam wasn't too far away and got some good shots and movies of this crazy action!

Dinner was really good today! Bologna sandwiches, toasted and another type of sandwich with hotdogs, eggs, and other stuff! It was good, although Erika 'yelled' at us for leaving one sandwich in the bowl and not eating it all up...

While I am writing Jordan is "budgin" to "Down on Ghetto Street"...Don't Worry About It!