Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Full Day!

Jordan and I shared a smoothie this morning, after we had our own personal smoothies! We told Bill that Amanda wouldn't want it, but he worked so hard on it so we couldn't turn it down! It was good!

Today we had our first real little kid meeting! We threw the playground balls at each other for a while, then talked about Noah and the Ark! The 6 kids that were there had no idea about Noah's story, so it was illustration time! We had a corrupt world and a boat drawn on the board! Along with 2 tick marks for every animal they could think of (I think we had 8 ticks on the board, they were shy!!).

We had some safari animals to play with too, so we played "Which animal is missing?" The kids weren't too excited with that, but its hard when you have so much time and the kids aren't talking or giving us any idea of what they like to do. We also tried playing duck, duck, goose, but only two kids would play with us! At one point Elo chose a kid to chase her and he got up crying and ran out of the Grupo CEO building! We all had a good laugh! The kid did come back and he sat in our circle and watched us play the rest of the time!

We pulled out the balls one last time to have everyone throw them around, but then it was time for a snack and to take them to the playground! It was a fun morning...

The preteens came in ready for the day! Early again! We ended up dancing for a good 30 minutes (probably more). Then played a game called "Ship Captain." The goal of the game is to be the last one standing, you get out if you are the last person to follow the captain's direction. I really think Jordan was having fun with this! The kids were running everywhere, on their backs acting like turtles, and saluting her! The kids were going crazy! The winner won a Dum-Dum!

Jordan then began the lesson on Noah! With these kids we were able to refer back to the game about how hard it was to follow Jordan's directions. Even though it can be hard sometimes, we need to follow God's instructions! It was a good lesson. We talked about all the different things God is in control over. The animals (No, Noah did not walk all over the earth dragging animals to the ark), the weather (who else can tell it when to stop and start and how much) and who lives and dies (Its a good thing He chose Noah, everyone else thought Noah was crazy!). God is in control of so much, why don't we give Him control of our lives?

Basketball went well! We spent a lot of time in the Grupo CEO building with singing, the game and the lesson, so we only had about 30 minutes on the court, but it was a good time!

The Teens are still being somewhat stand offish and quiet, we are hoping to break that ASAP! We talked about our excuses for sin both to ourselves (its just one time, everyone else is doing it) and to God (Its not that bad). We also talked about God's forgiveness and that what we do doesn't 'save' us from our sin, only Jesus can! I'm hoping it sunk into the teens, they still haven't been too expressive.

Trying to get them to pray is hard too! We asked for a volunteer...No one moved! So we took the time to talk about what prayer is...a conversation with God, so why are we so afraid to talk to Him when others are around? Well, we had every person at least pray a sentence...and we are probably going to continue this until we get some to volunteer. I also warned them that tomorrow we are going to start working on a skit to do for we will see who shows up...everyone will have a part!

The Bible lesson went well tonight too!! At one point the pastor was asking a few questions and Jordan and I only understood a few of his to know when to raise our hands, we watched the pastor's wife! I think the pastor's wife and tonight's musician caught on to our confusion! They were smiling as we raised our hands after looking at them!

After the Bible lesson they had choir practice and I hung outside playing thumb war with some of the teens! It was interesting!

Well, its getting late and I am tired!

Prayer Requests:
~ Erika
~ VQ on Friday and Saturday (there will be 10 of us going)
~ Open hearts from the teens!
~ Strength and needed rest!
~ To Abide in Christ when things get Tough!
~ Preparation for the teams that will be coming down in July!



Anonymous said...

Get plenty of rest. I'm praying for you. I love you. Dad

Anonymous said...

I miss you so much and love reading all of these. i just got back but trying to catch up with you. i wish i could see you on skype more! i love you!!!!