Monday, June 29, 2009

The Start of a Busy Week

Bill got Jordan into a spin today!! We were listening to "Loca por Jesus," spinning in circles, when Bill grabbed Jordan's wrist and ankle and starting spinning in circles while Jordan flies through the air. Sadly the Handycam was not so handy at that point, but I will be prepared next time!!! (Which I will make sure happens - sorry Jordan)

This morning was our first time to work with the younger (5-7) year olds, although some of them had been coming to the preteen time. There were only a few at first, but then a whole bunch of preteens showed up. So the little kids time was only about 6 little kids (most are still in school) and about 12 preteens…hopefully we will have our times worked out better so that our little kids don’t get over shadowed by the older ones.

We started taking about God’s control today. The little kids had a difficult time giving us examples of times in the Bible where God was in control…wait let me rephrase that…They had a difficult time giving us examples of stories in the Bible! I think they were a little shy, and weren’t sure what to expect from us. So instead of pulling strings that were getting us nowhere, we told them the Creation Story! A great example of God’s control. Afterwards, each kid picked a day and drew a picture representing that day of creation. We plan on hanging them up!

The preteens group (which still had the little kids) went pretty well! We started off asking which ones enjoyed being in control (all of them) and how they felt when they weren’t in control (bad). Then we had them play a game (well 8 of them). Four stood outside the circle and had to direct their partners (who had their eyes closed) to the balls that were rolling around. Not only was this an example of not being in control, but also gave the direction givers a taste of how God feels when we don’t listen to Him, especially since He knows what is best for our lives!

We then had the kids break out into groups and find 3 examples from the Bible where God was in control! We had a much better example list this time…Daniel and the Lions Den, David and Goliath, Creation, Jesus’ Birth…

All the kids agreed that is better to have God in control in our lives, although when we disobey or do things our own way, we try to get control back. The rest of the week we will be discussing examples from the Bible and see how different people reacted and how God was in control!

Jordan, Bill, Donna Monsia, 4 others from the community and I are heading to VQ Friday morning…pray as we get ready and figure out all that God wants us to do!!