Thursday, June 11, 2009

Planning Day

Today is a National Holiday in Brazil, so we are headed to the beach to plan and play.

Last night we had the children's worship and it was great to see all the kiddos again. My favorite site last night was seeing the oldest of the four girls, wrapping her arm around her mom's shoulder. Those who don't know the situation, the girls were taken away from their mother because the were living in horrible circumstances. After four years of Bill and Erika caring for the girls and working with the mother on getting her out of prostitution and making her hold down a job, the mother got her girls back. The oldest girls remembered all that they had gone through and didn't want to go back to their mother for the longest time. But seeing her with her arm around her mother brought tears to my eyes! It was AWESOME!!

The boys were also break dancing yesterday which was a site to see.

14 members of the large church in Fortaleza also showed up earlier than we expected and had not eaten any we sent them to the Chicken place down the road.

Well, we are off to the Beach...enjoy your day!!


Zoe said...

Carlyn. I am so glad that God has given you this chance to go and help these kids in Brazil. Please email me when you get the chance. I miss you and be safe!