Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We've Made It

Written while waiting in the airport:

No one will actually read this until I am already in Brazil, but Laura and I are sitting in the Houston airport waiting for our plane to get here and then leave to Atlanta. We have about 30 minutes until our plane starts to board. Both of us have brought our Bible study materials to continue working on our Shadow lessons, although I’m hoping to get a bunch of sleep on the plane!

I’ve got my benadryll and cold medicine to help me get some rest!

Written while sitting in my room for the next two months:

Well, we have made it! And had some spaghetti for lunch! I'm all unpacked and so far I don't think I left anything back in the US, I got to talk to my mom on Skype earlier, so if you want to talk to me, that's the way it has to be :) !
Tomorrow is a holiday for the students in Brazil, so the rest of today and tomorrow will be used to get us onto Brazil time and somewhat set a schedule of events throughout the summer.

Tonight is the children's worship at Grupo CEO, so I am really excited to see some of the kids from last year!

Well I am listening to the sound of the rain falling outside, my bed is calling my name!

Until later...


Ara said...

yay!!! glad you arrived safe sis! enjoy your rest! Love you, ara

Anonymous said...

Yea!! Sleep Well!!

I Love you,


Anonymous said...

i'm so glad you're posting a blog this summer!! what's your skype name we're going to have to chat sometime this summer!!

I miss you!!