Sunday, June 14, 2009

9:00 Baptisms

The baptisms this morning were beautiful!

I have no idea how many were baptized, I'll have to count later. Bill said about 30, both men, women, and children, young and old! It was an awesome time!

The children who were baptized had a glow about them. They were so precious and excited about the future.

One of the last girls was crying while she was baptized, later Bill told us it was because she was the only Christian in her family. But God works in such WONDERFUL ways! Ways that we have no idea could happen. After the baptisms and snacks that were provided, the girl's mother accepted Christ. She has done SO much with Grupo CEO (made the longest cake EVER for the wedding last year, goes to all the Bible Studies...), but had never accepted Christ because her son is a drug dealer and she smokes. But today, she accepted Him as Savior and Lord! The picture below is of the mother and daughter after she accepted Christ!

Such an AWESOME beginning to the day!


Anonymous said...

Wow, sweetheart it sounds like you are already receiving God's blessings in just the short 5 days you have been there. I bet this summer is going to go by too fast for you!!

I plan to send this blog out to everyone, today, on that prayer list that I sent when you left last Tueaday and then I will copy you again. They are already very far behind in reading your blog.

Love ya bunches, Mom

Anonymous said...

Bill, when are you going to become a full orange-blood longhorn instead of your half-blooded fight irish confusion? its time to come out.

Nathan To

Carlyn said...

Bill says... "I'm a mean old Irish man with horns!"