Thursday, June 25, 2009

Duck Duck Goose!

Jordan and I were up early today...not earlier than usual, but it was weird because no one else was out of their rooms. There was some music going on and we later figured out that it was Bill's phone (also alarm clock) ringing on the dresser OUTSIDE of his room. Jordan was dancing to it while we tried to figure out how to unlock the lock on the gate that was on the front door. You can't open the screen door when its locked...but we later figured that the screen could be moved to unlock it! An later we saw Erika prove us correct! We were pretty Excited!

Today the kid were acting a little weird! They seemed very quiet...I think its because of the weather...hopefully they'll be back to normal soon!

The kids are getting pretty good at the song we are teaching them, although when we turned on "Cotton Eyed Joe," they thought we were crazy! They said it was way too hard, but some of their dances are even harder!

After our lesson on God's Forgiveness, we decided we needed a break from Dodge Ball!

So we played Duck Duck Goose!! Even the older kids were really enjoying it! I am not the Duck Duck Goose type of person...but watching and video taping them was a lot of fun...although I always seem to be taking pictures instead of video taping when something exciting happened...Douglas taking out a little girl...Henerque running into the door... But over all no injuries!

After lunch was quite interesting too...while watching the Brasil vs. Republic of South Africa playing soccer, we had some 3 on 1 wrestling. James, Douglas and Sula vs. Jordan! I got it on video! I missed the part where she was picked up in the air, but being tricked by James and hitting the ground a few times was entertaining.

We had Children's worship tonight and we got to dance to "Marvelous Light" and line Dance to "Beautiful One" twice! The kids are really enjoying it!

The ladies in the House (all over 16) also went to the ladies prayer meeting tonight. It was held in a ladies house who has been sick for the past week and seems to be getting sicker. She told us that she had a dream about talking with her sister and other loved ones. We talked to her about asking God to forgive her, but she wasn't willing, right now she can't let go of the pain that she's been feeling. We are hoping that she will be able to talk to her sister in person soon so that they can forgive each other and be at peace both with each other and with God.

Please pray for this dear lady!