Saturday, June 27, 2009

Planning, Soccer and Dinner with Tequila

The spoils of waking up early...only splitting the banana/papaya smoothie 4 ways!!

We didn't have anything planned for today, but we did get a lot of planning done! Our retreat for the preteens is all written down on paper (games planned out, times set, meals decided upon). Now all we have to do is figure out the lessons and put the more intricate games together (scavenger hunt, amazing race).

The girls from the community did want to play soccer, so we ended up on the field. I was tricked into playing! I was planning on just taking pictures, but that idea was vetoed pretty fast. Later I was able to get a few actions shots of the girls! I'm hoping to get the cropped and then printed to give to them at the end of them summer! I think that would be pretty neat...Hopefully it will all work out!

After soccer we all took some much needed naps and then finish our planning for the preteens. Which took a lot of we went out to eat at this neat "Hole in the Wall" "Ma n Pa" shop. Jordan and I ordered two different items that way we could share and taste both of what Bill and Erika were suggesting. The Bolo (a sandwich with everything!) and the Pastel (fried pastry with meat and other stuff in it!) were really good!

We met an awesome drunk guy (who's wife was in charge of the restaurant) who was a great entertainment for us! We have nicknamed him Tequila...he was impressed by Laura's height (we told him she was a basketball player in America) and he ended up getting a picture with Jordan while kissing her on the forehead. I got a hug from him and he kept talking to me even though we told him I didn't understand anything he was saying. We also had him 'convinced' and joking around with us that Laisa is from Iraq (bill keeps calling her a terrorist, because she looks more middle eastern than Brasilian. Laisa keeps trying to convince us she is from the 'hood' is a never ending cycle of laughs!). We ended up getting a picture with Tequila and the lady who made our food! Once I get it from Jordan...I'll put it up here!

We have church early in the morning...well we have to get up early if we want the smoothie and then we will head to church! Good night!