Sunday, June 21, 2009

She Stole My Heart!

Today was a really difficult day. Erika woke me up before 6:00 to let me know she was heading to Thiago's house because his mom (who had been sick in the hospital for a few weeks)had passed away. I was put in charge of making sure everyone had eaten breakfast and was ready for church.

About 30 minutes before it was time to go, Erika, the boys, and Thiago showed back up to the house for church. He was pretty quiet.

After church we headed to Thiago's grandmother's house where they were having the funeral. It was a small house, and the "kids" (Patrick, Douglas, Amanda, Jordan, Laura and I) stayed outside. Not too long later, Bill brought Thiago's 8 year old sister out for me to hold. The second my arms were around her, I burst into tears. She was so sweet and so innocent. It took me back to when I had gone to funerals, but I had family surrounding me and right now some stranger that can't even talk to her was holding her. My heart broke thinking about how I would have felt.

But we bonded in that moment. Valeska and Thiago are staying with us for a few days. She asked specifically if she could stay in the same room right next to me. I was honored!

During church I held her. She had a rough day, so I let her sleep on my shoulder.

She was crying in her hammock after dinner, I held her then too! Pray for this family!

We set up her Hammock in our room (there are now 5 people in here).

Today is also the day that Laisa (this week's translator) showed up! We have been having a lot of fun...which has helped take Valeska's mind off of things.

Oh and Bill's Father - Mr. Moore showed up we will have a WHOLE house full for a while! It shall be fun!


Anonymous said...

You and Valeska may have been strangers, but Bill knew you were the one who should hold her. God is holding her in His arms, too. Beautiful girl, beautiful name.

Aunt Dinah

Ara said...

She's such a sweetie! We're praying for her family