Friday, June 12, 2009

Walking Around

We just finished walking around Maracanau (I think that's how you spell it) to different people's house who will be a part of the worship service on Sunday, for Grupo CEO church's first church service. We passed out CDs of music for them to practice.

We got to see the 4 little girls' house today. (story from the other night at the Children's service - those girls) It is very beautiful, something those girls definitely deserve.

It was interesting walking around today. The Grupo CEO worker (Nisa?) we went with does not speak any English and I know LIMITED Portuguese as of now, but I felt that as long as she was pointing to something or used some words that I did know, I knew what she was talking about. She had to tell couple of the ladies that we couldn't understand them, I felt bad...but I am working on changing that. Hopefully I can get Amanda to work with me...

Tonight is a meeting with the preteens. We are going to get to play games and hopefully talk with them a little bit. We are in the process of planning a preteen retreat for July 7-9!!!

Prayer Requests:
~ learning Portuguese
~ The Church's first service
~ the People practicing for the service
~ Open heart and mind to those around me!


SKH said...

Wow . . . Brazil! I had no idea you were going there, Carlyn. I hope your time there will be fruitful and rewarding to both you and those with whom you're working. And I hope your experience with the country and the culture is a rich one.

Take care!

Susan Hanson