Friday, June 26, 2009


So many things happen on Fridays!! Why is that?

We had our meeting with the Preteens at 7:30...Danced to "Marvelous Light," "Beautiful One," "Every Move I Make," and "Cotton Eyed Joe" twice. We were SO tired afterward!!!

The lesson was on forgiving others because Christ has forgiven us! Why should Jesus forgive us if we aren't willing to forgive someone else. We put Jesus on a cross, I haven't had a friend do that! So FORGIVE!!!!

The court was dry today so we got to get out the Basketballs and enjoy our time playing knockout.

After the Preteens, we let the teens come and play basketball for a bit. But next week, we will see who sticks around. Many of the youth have been distant and only wanting to come to the "fun stuff" and also skipping things that they should be at to have fun! So next week once we meet with the different groups (we will be more direct on who can come at certain times) the teens will be getting a lot of Bible study and less "fun stuff" to see who sticks around!

Thiago and Valeska have left the Moore's house and are headed back to live with their Grandmother, who they had been with before. It was a tearful goodbye, but I am going to do my best to see Valeska as much as I may only be a couple more times, but that little girl deserves so much!

Mr. Moore left today as well (We should have noticed his long sleeved traveling shirt, but didn't). Bill and Erika have left to take him to the airport leaving, Laisa, Amanda, Jordan, Laura (who's sleeping), Sula, Patrick, Douglas and I in the house by ourselves. So far everyone is still alive! But its only who knows what will happen!!

Oh...we are also learning a whole bunch of "Chick Jokes" from Laisa, supposedly that's the jokes they like to tell! Some of the jokes are pretty good...but some are kinda strange! "Which joke is that..." Don't worry about it!

We still have the 2nd preteen group although a couple of them have been showing up in the morning (so we might not have it), teen Bible Study, preteen Bible Study and possibly youth hangout time! We are going to be TIRED tonight!!

Hopefully I won't be too tired to post later! Peace!