Sunday, June 14, 2009

First Worship at CEG

The first meeting of CEG (the initials of the church pronounced Segui which means "to follow" in Portuguese) was a blessing. Bill expected around 50 people to show up, which is pretty good for the first meeting, but instead around 80 were there (I am going to get out my videos and count in a few).

The sound system, computer, powerpoint, cameras, microphones, music, etc. all were working properly which made the service run so smoothly. PRAISE GOD!!!!

The choir which had practiced a few times throughout the week sounded great (they also sang at the baptism!). Bill's sermon was shorter than any other BRASILIAN sermons I have been to, but it went well and only a couple kids had to be removed from the "kid section."

We also had the Lord's Supper tonight! Which was an awesome way to end a day full of baptisms and blessings! Because we only had one tray with grape juice cups and one basket of bread pieces; so we had those who could take communion, line up in the middle to receive their Lord's Supper. I thought that was a really neat way to do it. Not only do Bill (the pastor for tonight) and Erika know whether or not they have actually accepted Christ as Savior, but also it makes the person be accountable for their faith and take the initiative to show the congregation who has made the commitment. Not everyone at church was at the baptism, but now the church has seen all who have accepted Christ in their community and maybe they will start asking questions about the meaning behind being "saved" and "baptized."

After the service had ended, those who had or will have a birthday this month, stood up front and we sang "happy birthday" to them. They also had cake and drinks for everyone who was there! It was a really neat celebration! Below is a picture of the church praying for the kids and adults with birthdays this month!!


brianhthomas said...

Carlyn - I LOVE THIS BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so proud of you and your commitment to the Lord. I suppose I am now a BLOGGER since I'm "following" your blog. Your dad told me about the Bubble threat. I think you've got him running scared, because he thinks you generally accomplish the things you start...Would Bill & Bob be in the same bubble?? Luv ya-UB