Monday, June 15, 2009


Today I got to see a little bit of how shopping is like in Brasil! All we went to get was pool supplies, dog food (Jack was having to eat little puppy food) and a car notice from the post office. Three stops, that in US would only take two.

Got to the pool supply place. Ordered the supplies from one lady. She gave them to another, then we waited for them to be ready and then waited for the receipt to be printed/written out. (at least 20 minutes)

Headed to the pet store. Ordered the dog food, went to a different window to pay, went to a different door to give them the order, then stood outside talking while waiting for them to put the bags in the car. They carry the 15 lbs bags on their pretty cool...I tried it once we were back at the isn't too bad!! I just never thought of carrying it that way before! (another 15-20 minutes)

Then it was off to the post office. First we had to wait in line, then once we got up to the person, we had to wait for him to find the paper, then take down Bill's info from his license, and then once we got the folded up paper, then we got to open it up to figure out what it was. VERY interesting process! (another 30-45 minutes and we had tried to go there the week before but they were closed) This was frustrating also because they had tried to mail it to Bill three times and no one signed for it at the house, which means we "wasted" time waiting at the post office, although throughout this mini adventure, Bill and I were able to talk a lot!

When we got back from our adventure, Sula was making a run to the market to get some veggies. Laura and I went with her! I was expecting to walk a lot farther than we did, but the little market is just down the street! Sula started talking to the lady who was sitting outside and I figured it was one of her friends, not a market...but that too was a neat experience.

Life is a lot slower and at a completely different pace when you are here. I am enjoying it! Bill mentioned that they haven't given us a lot of down time, but I feel (maybe its just me and I like to keep myself busy) that we have had more "down time" than I expected. But I've been able to use that time to write on here and work on Bible studies...

Lunch is smelling really good right now! My breakfast has been worked off and now I am ready for some GOOD FOOD!!! (while I'm writing this, you (in the US) are probably still full from breakfast and not even thinking about lunch!)


Ara said...

Sounds like a fun time!!! At least you get to bypass all the grumpy people at walmart :) And sometimes you wait in line that long just to get to the register!!! love you, ara

Anonymous said...

Keep up the Scoccer practice - I knew you had it in you, baby!! Love ya, Mom