Friday, June 12, 2009

Back at Grupo CEO

Well, the beach day was relaxing, didn't get as much planning done as I would have liked, but Bill and Erika got the rest that they desperately need (I hope).

I really got to get to know a few of the teens yesterday! Lucibera and Thiago are on the bike team that Grupo CEO has. Yesterday they got up at 4:30, and left for the beach, they made it in 3 hours and 7 minutes (which is awesome considering the roads). We (Erika, Amanda, Laura and I) met them in the car later on. The first thing we noticed was another bloody spot on Bill's knee (he fell again getting out of the way of a huge truck! - I might have to make him live in a bubble too {love you Dad}).

The rest of the day we spent in the water, exploring the caves, I read my Bible on the beach (so beautiful), playing cards and listening to music. While playing cards, I found out that Thiago knows a lot more English then he originally let on (although he keeps saying Benjamin - another teen - is better at English). These two teens are amazing!! They both have an awesome heart for God and such a serving spirit. Playing SPOONS was entertaining especially when I had no clue what they were talking about. But I am picking up on some of the things they are saying.

Please pray for these two. Lucibera (18) and Thiago (15), that God will continue to set fire to their hearts and that they will be the positive role model so many teens here need. Erika told me yesterday that their driving force last year was the teens, but now it is the preteens, so please pray for them!!!

Other Prayer Requests:
~ Bill's knee - it will heal fast in both places and that it won't slow him down
~ Rest for Erika
~ Patrick and Douglas (Bill and Erika's sons) are traveling with their grandfather right now
~ Pastors and Leaders conference at IBC (Large baptist church in Forteleza)
~ Jordan is traveling from Indiana down here on Tuesday/Wednesday
~ Strength and Needed Rest!

In Christ,