Saturday, June 13, 2009

Outside Worship

Tonight we had worship outside with a large group of people from the community.

There were only two songs that I knew (although I only knew them in English).

Sorry the pictures are dark, the light was not too good outside. :)

One event really made me think about how "good" we have it in the United States. Sitting next to me was a girl, who had her Bible out while listening to the pastor preach. Now this was not the newest or prettiest Bible, it was missing both covers, and she had written it in many times. At on point during the sermon, she got up to go do something, when she came back, her Bible was not in her chair. I had no idea what happened to it either. She kept asking the people around us if they took it and everyone kept saying "no." This girl's eyes filled up with tears. She did not make any noise, but kept longingly looking into the bag she keeps her Bible in and wiping her eyes.

This makes me think about how selfish we are and how much we want the best. Think about the last time your Bible was about to fall apart, what did you do? Keep it in the nicest bag that you own or go buy a new Bible. Too many times we take the ease of running to the store for granted. Here is a girl who is looking desperately for a "ratty" old Bible and we don't even take the time to open up our new ones. Why can't we have the spirit of this girl, to the point that we cry when we do not take the time with God that He deserves?

Just something to think about!

By the way, she did find her Bible, one of her friends hid it from her. I think that girl will think twice before hiding it again, after seeing her friends reaction.

Coming Up: Girl's soccer, Baptisms, and the First Service of CEG (Grupo CEO's New Church)