Wednesday, June 24, 2009

No More Mango Juice!!!

It is a GOOD thing that Wednesdays are our Relax Days!

We had our preteen meeting and talked about the excuses we give to try to cover up sin, we used an illustration with Hang Man that worked SO well!

We used hang man to "review" what we had talked about so far, "praise," "prayer," and "sin" and then after each word we had a question that we asked them. Our last word was Jesus! And we made the kids give us the letters, although they shouted it our right away! At one point we had it spelled "Jasuse" and the kids were going CRAZY. We ignored it, then pretended it was ok, told them it was how we wanted to spell it, then spelled it "Jasus," which still did NOT make them happy! So we just covered up the A. We asked them if that was good enough, but they were still frustrated that we didn't spell it right. So we asked them what we should do...One kid got up and said "Change it to an E." So we gave him the marker...he erased it and changed it for us!

It was an awesome illustration on how we treat sin in our lives, sometimes we ignore it, sometimes we say its ok for me, or we try to hide it. But we need Jesus to erase our sin for us! Any only He can do that!!! At least the kids know now that we aren't ignorant Americans that don't know how to spell Jesus!

We also had them write a sin in the sand and ask God to forgive them, and then wipe the sin out of the sand! It was a neat symbolism!

We played Dodge Ball today in the Building, the court was WAY to wet to play Basketball again today :(

After lunch and a couple of glasses of Mango juice, I took a nap...and I don't think I ever woke up from that nap...although I did go to Laias' house, to the mall, ate dinner and the bumpy car rides back and forth. I am actually writing this Thursday...So I know that the sleep from 13:00 on Wednesday - 6:30 the next morning was VERY helpful! I'm just going to have to lay off the mango juice...Mr. Moore says it makes you's all his now!


Ara said...

I really like the examples you used!! The hangman thing is so clever. And I love the writing it in the sand and erasing it! Mango juice sounds yummy for sure :)

Anonymous said...

My sweet tired baby girl!!! Love ya, Mom