Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Our First Meeting with the Preteens

We finally were able to meet with the preteens! There were a lot more than I thought would show up, but it was good.

We opened in Prayer... It is so neat that the teens and preteens down here like to pray out loud...sometimes it is like pulling teeth in the US!!!

When then played a name game. Each person had to give their name, another word to that started with the same letter as their name and an action. I was Confused Carlyn, and I shrugged my shoulders. It was interesting, Yohanna Yo-Yo, Elizane Elephant, Laura Loyal...the list goes on. Some of the kids didn't understand what we were doing, but they caught on. The plan is to do this each day, to help us remember their names and learn the names of the others that join us later on.

Then we did a lesson on Praise and Worship...when and where can you praise God? How can you praise God?

We are also going to be teaching the kids the song Marvelous Light. We played it once today...tried to add motions while singing it...we told them that they would have to help us out! They were really still which was surprising...hopefully we can work on it tomorrow with them.

Then we played dodge ball with the kids. We played in the soccer area and as we were walking in...of course...I step wrong and fall to the ground. The kids were so cute and worried...I was laughing. Playing dodge ball with one ball was interesting, but Jordan brought some more with her, so we are going to have to play again. Jordan also brought some BASKETBALLS!!! and the kids are really excited about playing BBall!

Right now Jordan is pumping up the basketballs, Laura is working on her computer, I'm writing this and working on the lesson for tomorrow and Erika and Bill are on their way back here...

Later today we are heading to go to the mall...Erika mentioned that there is a McDonalds and Pizza Hut, if we need something close to home, but Patrick says we need to get something that we have never had...I'm thinking I'll fallow Patrick...I'm always up to a new adventure!



Teresa said...

HEY Carlyn!!

I am officially a follower.. hopefully you remember me.
(in case you dont, I lived in HB with you at Tx state) I applaud your efforts and i will be praying for you and the mission you are on.