Friday, June 12, 2009


Today was fun!! First, we ended up in the playground with at least 30 kids all wanting your attention and wanting to bury you in the sand or push them on the swing. At one point 4 kids and I would build a huge pile of sand, which ended up looking like a volcano, and then we would all pick a spot and start digging into the sides of the structure. They were trying to be the first to reach my hand. I don't know how many times we did this, but they just thought it was hilarious!

Later we had the preteen group (after we washed as much sand off as possible.) Laura and I were in charge of games. We played Concentration (with the ball) which they enjoyed for the competition part of it. Then finger jousting, which didn't go exactly like I planned, two girls ended up in the corner "jousting" with each other. And last but not least, hot potato, not American hot potato though. One person stands with their back to the group. We pass the "potato" around and that odd man out yells "stop," whoever has the ball when it is said, must answer a Bible question. If you are right you stay in, wrong you are out. I was trying to throw out basic Bible trivia and it was interesting to see what the preteens did and didn't know! We did give some easy questions (some answers were on the wall - literally).

During that meeting, Erika kept asking them questions (which I did not understand verbally, but Amanda translated the ones we were wondering about). One of the questions every single person in the room raised their hand but Laura and I, Sula (one of the girls that works with Grupo CEO), grabbed my arm and put it in the air. Erika asked the room to raise their hand if they are "a servant of God"!!! WOW!!!! All of those hands were an amazing site to see!! We are having baptisms on Sunday after church and a few of the Preteens are being baptized.

We met with the teens later after eating dinner. They discussed the book of Matthew, we were not in there the whole time but it was nice to hear the teens answer (when they did). After the meeting, we played spoons with 9 teens, then played LIAR (aka BS), and monkey in the middle. Which to some that might not sound like too much fun, but here it is so amazing! Seeing these kids' faces light up when you motion to them to come play a game, or telling them they are doing well, it makes you light up inside. Then to top it all off, knowing that you are sharing God's love with the people around you, without having to say a is an amazing experience.

Williane and Elizane gave me some beautiful pictures and writings. They are both preteens. Williane is learning some English, so it is interesting to figure out what she is saying. She has great patience with me and knows that I don't always understand what the others are saying either, so she grabs my hand or acts it out for me. She was my dance partner last year (below picture is from last year), and it is SO great to see her again this year.

There are a few teens and preteens that we were hoping to see, but have turned away from God. Please pray that we can show them His love this summer and helped them see that only God will truly make them happy!

Boa noite


Ara said...

Sounds like a wonderful time!!! I am so glad that games really connect with these kids!!! I am praying for y'all as always. Love you, Ara