Monday, June 15, 2009

Slow Day

Well, after the great Maracanau adventure, the day was pretty slow.

Amanda and work on two crochet projects, one for me and one for her. She has picked it up pretty fast. She's pretty excited about it...I'll put up a picture once I figure out where Amanda went. :)

Later we went to the playground with the kiddos again! It was quite interesting, again they wanted to bury me, but instead I got them to bury others. We ended up making one girl into a mermaid and created a fish, a turtle and a crab around her. It was fun!

Amanda and I (because of so much sand) ended up in the pool shower again to get off as much sand as possible before going into the house (less work for Sula in the morning!). Then, because we were all wet anyways...jumped into the pool! Why not, right?

Laura and I are now working on finishing our lesson for tomorrow morning at 8!! (Please pray for us! It is our first meeting with the preteens and we are excited!!!)

Jordan starts her travels tomorrow! Please pray for her too! She won't be here until Wednesday at 8:40...but it is a long travel!

Hopefully I'll have some pics to post tomorrow!! :) (I know it can be boring sometimes without pictures for the visual learners!!! It just the teacher side of me coming out once in a while!!!)


Anonymous said...

It sounds to me like you are having a wonderfull time At Groupo CEO. Enjoy your time there to its fullest. Keep your eyes open for all that God has to show you and teach you. I know that through thhis experiance, God will equip you to go farther in you walk with Him, do amazing things for His kingdom and understand more about yourself and others. You are prayed for.


Anonymous said...

You are amazing!!! There is a huge group of people praying for you & the group there. God uses willing servants for His glory!!!

I love you. Lynne