Thursday, June 18, 2009

Meeting # 2

The preteens went really well again today!

We continued our name game today. The kids are getting it pretty well...although sometimes its difficult for us to remember their names...but we are getting there!

We got some "Electric Slide" in on the song "Beautiful One"...I think the kids think we are crazy! But they have some crazy dances that are MUCH harder for us!

We got to play basketball with them today too! They had a bunch of fun! A few of those kids can REALLY play too! Thiago, Etulo, Markson, etc. We might have to build a basketball team.

Knock Out has been a hit...although not all the kids completely understand the game so far...but as time goes I'm sure they will!

At one point we had Etulo vs. Nene. And poor Nene was getting killed right and left (plus the hoops were low enough for Etulo to tip the ball in and Etulo is nearly twice Nene's size). So I was just gonna have some fun and try to help Nene out, but Nene wasn't gonna rebound at Jordan stepped in too! He was still going to town pretty well...even after we raised his hoop all the way up! We had a lot of fun!

We also had Children's Worship tonight! I think this is one of my most favorite nights! The kids are so excited, they all are saying memory verses and most of all learning about God! Erika does an AWESOME job with them! I love when we give them snacks too! Sometimes the kids just tug on your heart and these kids certainly do!

It has been a very tiring day!