Friday, June 26, 2009

Youth Meeting!

The teen and preteen meetings are at the same time on Friday nights, so we ended up going to the teen meeting this Friday!

Thilie was able to come this week to the youth meeting, along with the Bible Study leader and 3 others! It was so good to see her! And she's excited about seeing everyone once they get here!

The meeting finally started, a little late. First we watch "Yes Man" in Portuguese, but they were nice enough to turn on the English was interesting to watch Jim Carrey, but it not be his voice at all!

Then the Bible Study leader led the kids through Matthew 7. There were only three Bibles written in Portuguese that I saw, so Marcos ended up reading a lot from the Bible! It was good to see him again.

After the Bible Study we hung out with some of the teens as they ran around and kicked a soccer ball, threw each other to the ground (Joice - 1 point and Jordan - 5 points) or beat the back of each others hands up! I have some new bruises! Its painful, but I enjoy it!

It feels late...good night!