Tuesday, June 23, 2009


We thought the RAINY Season would be over by now...But it keeps coming down!

After our Bible lesson today (BTW, Liais is an AWESOME translator), we ended up playing a CRAZY game of dodge ball inside!

Seriously, someone is going to get hurt! Thiago (although we now call him James) got smacked in the face pretty hard, although it was hilarious!

I feel sorry for some of these younger kids playing with the older kids...but when its raining, its hard to have playground time too! The sand would turn to mud! (NOT FUN!)

I think they are trying to go easy on them more. I am enjoying being one of the first ones out! Then you get to stand behind the opposing team and throw the ball at them! They have to run back and forth...its quite hilarious to watch!

The Nightly Bible Lesson was led by Mr. Moore tonight! He talked about how the church needs to work as a whole, just as his body has to work together to get things done! He is very energetic when he speaks!

We ate some AWESOME jumbo tonight! I could eat it EVERY night!

Hopefully there won't be too much rain so that we can play basketball tomorrow! The kids keep asking!