Sunday, June 14, 2009


So today at 15:30, it was girls day to play in the field area at Grupo CEO. The older teens were playing 5 on 5 and were nice enough to let Laura and I play a round (two goals then the losing teams switch around). Now I have NEVER been that great at soccer (you can ask my dad - he use to bribe me to kick the ball during games when I was younger), but these girls are RUTHLESS!!! The short 5 minutes (I might have been shorter) took my breath away...I did actually kick the ball a few times (which I was surprised) in my bare feet (which was A LOT of fun).

I'm going to have to work on my "skills" (or try to find some) before I think about getting out there again...although I'm pretty sure we gave them a pretty good laugh. Who knows...maybe they'll have me playing pretty well by the end of the summer!

The rest of the time I spent with the younger girls kicking the ball back and forth, trying to stay out of the other game, playing concentration, and monkey in the middle. was raining and it would have been embarrassing! :)