Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Playing Soccer with a Chicken Mexican and Jordan's Dad!

Praise the Lord, Erika is doing fine, she had a planned surgery today! She is doing fine! And will be coming home tomorrow or Friday!

Jordan and I began our day pretty early again, as usual...ate breakfast and got things ready for the day!

The kids weren't busting down the door this morning, probably because the parents brought the little ones over to the building instead of just letting them run the streets! The little kids seem more open to our craziness and willing to participate. It helps that the all the younger kids are out of school now, which means the older little kids are there now too (and they have more to say)!

The lesson was on Jesus controlling the wind and the waves, when all the disciples were afraid. They ended up coloring something that makes them afraid and asking God to take that fear from them and ask God to take control.

The preteens did very well with the lesson today! They have been very responsive and ready to learn with has been awesome to see! Basketball was fun with them today too! It usually is! We have a GREAT group of PreTeens!

As we were getting things ready for the teens today, we froze Jordan's hand...Don't Worry About It!

The teens did pretty well today! We talked about forgiving others today. All of them seemed to agree that they needed to forgive others like Christ has forgiven us, but we later found out that not everyone completely agreed with what was said (read on).

We then had the group split into smaller groups and we asked for examples of God's control in their life or in the Bible. None of them brought their Bibles, and used that as an excuse to just saying "He's in control of my life." We did have a few Bible stories mentioned (Moses was one.). I then brought up some other examples of God's power and found out that NONE of them knew the order of we had "volunteers" (that we chose) stand up and at out each day.

At the end of the lesson, Jordan asked "Is there anyone here that doesn't believe what we have been talking about? Anyone with doubts? Be honest." One of our girls, Ingrid, said that she can't forgive one of her friends. So the conversation began about how we don't deserves God's forgiveness, but He gave it to us. We should be giving others the same treatment that God has given us because He loves us and we should be an example of who He is. She still was not "buying" it, and there were others at the table that were ready to go. So we prayed (and had volunteers), Jordan told Ingrid they would continue their conversation later, and then we headed to the courts!

Jordan and Ingrid's conversation ended up going really well. Jordan kept ready Ephesians 4:32, but she still wasn't sure about forgiving that one girl, she kept saying that the one girl was the "exception." Jordan had an awesome illustration for her! She ripped that page out of the Bible! Ingrid didn't feel that it applied to her life, so why did it need to be in the Bible? She got the point! She finally did say that she does what to ask for forgiveness from the girl and that she is going to try! Please prat for her! That was a BIG step for her!

The teens are crazy! Along with playing knockout, we ended up playing some 1on1 games on the other end of the court while waiting for the next KO game to start. I actually won a knockout round...I was completely shocked, especially since I was getting out right and left most of day.

When it was time to go, we walked the teens out to the soccer field as usual with the intentions of heading to the playground afterward. That didn't happen. Jordan, Laura, and I were pulled onto the field, against our will! Jordan and I ended up on James, Michael and Roberto's Team (poor guys). But we ended up doing pretty well, although it wasn't because of Jordan or I. Jordan (BTW she is the Chicken Mexican) did make 2 goals! And we had a bunch of "assists." We kept saying that "we didn't want the ball" but they weren't listening to us at all! Jordan and I need to teach them to say "move" or "budge," I know that I kept getting in the way! Some were complaining that James and Michael were on the same team, but with Jordan and I we tried to convince them that they were was pretty interesting!

Jordan's dad was playing soccer with us (well actually he is the new pastor of CEG (Grupo CEO's church), but he looks a lot like her dad!). He played goalie most of the time while on the field, but Jordan was never able to score a point when he was in the goal!

After each goal the losing team would switch out! We were out there for a LONG time! Some of the teams kept changing, but Jordan and I would only play on OUR TEAM!! They thought that was pretty funny! We got a picture of our team! We were pretty happy!

Our feet are definitely becoming Brasilian! Although we are questioning whether or not it was a good or bad idea to play so much right before going to VQ! But we know it won't get us down!

Dinner we had sandwiches and juice! Good stuff! Time for bed!