Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Leinhia's Answers

A little bit of some might have read, sometimes Jordan and I feel weird saying "Amen" in services when we have no idea what the Pastor is saying. Jordan once said "He could be saying 'I like to kill puppies' and we "AMEN""

So at a youth meeting we were messing with Leinhia and asking her different questions because she would answer without knowing what we the questions we have asked and her answers, in no particular order.

Can you play a flute with your nose? YES
Will you play Jordan a song? YES

Do you like to kill puppies? YES (she shook her head no after the question was translated for her, but come to find out she actually stepped on a puppy's head one time and killed it)
Do you feel bad when you kill the puppies? NO

Do you like to eat monkey brains? NO
Do you like to eat human brains? NO
Do you like to eat puppy brains? YES

Do you have a crush on _________? NO
Do you have a crush on _________? YES (and she keeps saying yes to this question)

Do you eat basketballs for dinner? YES
Do you eat grasshoppers? NO

Do you bathe regularly? NO (she walked outside embarrassed after this one)
Do you have 10 fingers? YES
Do you sleep with your eyes open? YES
Do you live in a cardboard box? YES

Do you sleep upside down like a vampire? YES
Do you take naps in a coffin? YES

If you can think of any funny ones to ask her...please let us know!