Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Temple for the Lord

Today started off as most Sunday mornings do...getting up to go to IBC. The girls (minus Erika, she was at the funeral) and Bill headed to church! Worship and the message was great as usual.

Then we got into a discussion of lunch...different places were discussed, but we headed home so Bill could make us something for lunch that's better than Peanut Butter Banana Smoothies (made with ice cream) the way, there isn't anything better!! But he did make us some AWESOME waffles! They were good!

The rest of the afternoon, until church, was used to prepare for what God was going to have Laura, Jordan and I share at church. We were all asked to share something, so we tried to figure out a way that we could all share something individually, but bring it all together in the end.

Laura talked about taking up our cross daily and living for God, even if that means that we have to get rid of something in our life that is holding us back! Jordan talked about temptations and how they can get in our life and mess up God's plan. She made NeNe sit in a chair, in front of the whole church and not eat a piece of American candy, that was unwrapped...and she told him he couldn't eat it! He never did eat it! There were kids around him trying to get him to but he never budged!

To tie it all together, I talked about how our bodies are temples for the Lord to use. So we need to know the things in our lives that we need to get rid of and the temptations that may get in our way, so that we can be a place where God dwells, it is holy, worshipful and sacred! It worked out pretty well!

After the service, Bill called Laura, Jordan and I over. Roberto was standing there (this is the teen that said he had accepted Jesus, but when I asked him to write out a testimony, was unable to). He realized that he did need to accept Christ and because of what was said during the testimonies and at church, he wanted us to be there to witness God taking over his life! AWESOME EXPERIENCE!

Rob, Nate, Tammy, Brian, Sadie and Awdra are arriving tomorrow!