Sunday, July 26, 2009

Super Sunday!

This morning we headed to IBC as usual, but this time on a bus full of people! We took up a huge part of the back of the church, but we had to sit in the back so we wouldn't be a distraction with the translators!

We picked up more Brazilians to come to the complex and serve with Copperfield this week! So the bus was even more full on the way home!

We met with the preteens today for an hour! Copperfield brought down the Peace Makers program to use to study with the groups this week! Today they talked about the different ways we approach conflicts, both good and bad. Running away, gossiping, asking someone to hold us accountable so that we don't do it again, talking it out, etc. They kids were enjoying it, especially as Lindsey and Blaise acted each one of them out!

After preteens we had lunch and then got ready for the teens!

The same lesson was used for the teens, but a little more in depth! They seemed to be getting it as well! We played soccer, basketball, and volleyball with them as well!

It was then time to get things set up for church. For dinner they headed out to the Chicken Place! I was needing some rest, so I hung out, listening to music and packing up to move into the dorm with the CF team!

Church was exciting! JT was the speaker for the night! The dances the teens and preteens prepared went really well! It was exciting to see them. Then Pastor Eudes pulled Laura and I up on stage for us to say a few words...I had a hard time...My mom took video...if you can see it later if you want to...

Then it was time for bed...after a smoothie!


Ara said...

oh gosh.... will the video make me cry? :P I bet whatever you said was wonderful :) Glad everything is going well!

Anonymous said...

It is what she didn't say that will make you cry. Carlyn was speechless! Pray for her. Her departure Monday evening will not be easy for her, the Maracanau community or the Moore's, but she knows that she needs to come home for a while and pray about what God has planned for her next.
I loved serving beside my daughter this last week and watching her serve God is such a GREAT way. There are NO barriers when you are doing God's work! Carlyn has proved that!
I love ya Carlyn. Can't wait to hug you in the USA on Tuesday! Mom