Sunday, July 5, 2009

Pastor Eudes First Official Service!

Tonight was an awesome blessing!

We were able to celebrate two things, Pastor Edgnardo's willingness to help the church, and Pastor Eudes' first service!

There were special songs sung and performed by guests and the children, as well as a cake to top it all off!

There were 130 people there tonight, about 20 of them were there because of the special event, but 110 could possibly be here each week! Prayer Request - CHAIRS!! Jordan and I will be starting a CHAIRity to help raise money to get more chairs! There ended up being 15 people standing throughout the whole service, possibly more (I didn't count the people outside). As the church keeps growing, the church may move to the soccer field (or at least that's what Jordan and I think would be neat) and more chairs would be needed! If you think you would like to help with this, please let me know! (each chair only costs $10, but there could eventually be 300-500 people...pray and see if this is something God wants you to help with)

Erika went to church tonight! She was chauffeured by her husband to church (across the street) but then walked home...Bad Erika! Jordan and I also gave her some good laughs from VQ, we were afraid to at first, but you just can't say no to her! We are saving the REALLY funny ones to later though! So please pray for Erika, it has been an eventful day for her, so she is tired and sore, but doing better each day!

Also pray for the community, the pastor from the other church in the area, is trying to convince everyone that Grupo CEO is trying to divide the community. But as Bill said tonight, there were 120 more people in church tonight because Grupo CEO's doors were open, and the number of people at the other church stayed the same! Bill is planning on talking to the pastor, so please pray for their conversation and for God's healing and guidance!

Well, it has been a long day! But I know God will give me the strength I need for tomorrow! Amanda and Jessica made it here safely today as well...they will be translating for us...another prayer request...they are very nervous! But I'm sure they will do fine! Jessica also recently found out that she is diabetic, so things are a little rocky for her right now, trying to figure out what she can eat, when she needs to eat..etc. So again...Please pray!

Time to Go to Bed...Good Night!


Anonymous said...

Hello my friend!!! It sounds like God is using you and the others in mighty ways. I pray you have the strength and will to continue His work. Love you!!!! Lynne