Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Long Thursday

Last night Bill and I stayed up talking to 2 in the morning! So I’m going to be dragging for a little bit!

Today was a good day! We split our groups again and the girls began a discussion on purity and what it means to be pure! Laura did a demonstration using a wrapped box and each time she mentioned something immoral, the wrapping paper was ripped off! I think it helped the girls get a picture in their minds. We talk about how far was too far and then discussed different examples in our lives of people who are in a relationship, but are able to stick to boundaries. I was able to use my sister, Emmalee, as an example...and most of the preteens and teens know her! They’ll get to meet Christian so enough…I don’t think Brazil is going to know what to do! But we had a good discussion and gave the girls time to ask any questions that they had.

At children’s worship, Jo and I were pulled up to the front once again, but it was fun! I was glad I didn’t take a shower before worship, I got even sweatier than playing games and singing earlier in the day!

After children’s worship we headed to the beach market! Jo and I each bought a hammock! I’m really excited! Jo and I are planning to use them before she has to leave Brazil (1 week  ). For dinner we ate at a pizza place! The chicken and cheese pizza was really good! We ended up back home around 1 am…long day!