Tuesday, July 14, 2009

5 On One Team is Wonderful!


Today started off as a normal day! We had our groups in the morning…it was awesome having extra hands to keep the kids under control! We talked about Ruth and how she didn’t plan to have the future that God gave her, but because of her obedience and willingness to do as she was told; God was able to use her in big ways to save all of her people!

During the teen time, we split into two groups (boys and girls). This way we can talk about more personal matters! The girls were still pretty quiet, but I am sure that they will open up eventually!

We played soccer again today! It was fun…as usual…but I just watched this day…I was tired!

At the Bible study tonight, Rob was in charge of the lesson. He talked about be submissive to authority, submitting to parents, teachers and especially God. It was a great lesson that many of them needed to hear. And it is helping me figure out what to talk about tomorrow night!

That’s all for now…