Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Why Are You So Mean To Me??

I’m still not completely recovered from the weekend. After waking up this morning, I took a nap on the floor in the entry/living room…until the morning ritual was ready!!!

Today we talked about the changes the disciples went through when they were called to follow Jesus. Not only did they not hesitate, they also were willing to leave their families and what they were used to and go…Some of the preteens say they would be willing to go too…

The disciples were also about the preteens age, so I think it helped put it into perspective! Basketball was fun with them today…Jo, Rob and Nate played a game where they preteens had to keep them from scoring a point and if they did, they got a piece of candy! They enjoyed it too and some of them did get candy!

We talked about Saul/Paul with the teens today. Elo wasn’t back yet so we still couldn’t split up, but we will be able to tomorrow. The teens seem a lot more open and willing to participate when they guys and girls are split.

Jo, Rob, Nate and Laura shared their experiences from Brasil with them…although they answered what they learned from the teens instead of what they think of the teens. JP wasn’t in the translating mind set yesterday, so it made for some interesting conversations. There was also a huge group yesterday, so he had to be extremely loud. But it was great to have everyone there.

After the lesson, I had to chase Roberto around to get my backpack back from him. There was no way I was going to be able to catch him myself, so I hired Benjamin to help me out!! I paid him in candy (hahaha)! Marcos helped to…I was VERY GRATEFUL!!!

Later, while playing volleyball, Douglas, Roberto and I were on a team, which isn’t always a good thing! It started off well, until we started tripping each other to the ground. And then for some reason, I end up being sat on by both of them! And no one was coming to my rescue! I told Jo that we have to be in the same area from now on, that way I know someone will give me so help! “TIME”

That night at church, they continued this throw Carlyn to the round game, but I did my best to stay on my feet! It didn't always work...

Rob spoke on forgiveness tonight...something many of the teens struggle with, but it was neat! He used two different stories from the Bible and had the preteens and teens act it out! It was enjoyable!

After church, we were all hurried inside! Benjamin fell and broke his Bill rushed him to the hospital...once I know how he is, I'll let you know! Please pray for him, Amanda says it was in a U shape...


Ara said...

Poor Carlyn.... I hope your knee is holding up in all of that!! U-shape....ow.