Thursday, July 23, 2009

Good Bye TIME

Today we were able to celebrate with all the kids! We played games, reviewed what we learned together these past weeks and just enjoyed our time together.

There were a few preteens with watery eyes already! Tonight is going to be hard for them!

We had an awesome time with the teens! We answered any questions that they had…again they really didn’t have any, and then we talked with them about the feet washing. We gave them a chance to pray and ask Jesus into their heart or to reconnect with Him if they have fallen away. There were at least 3 people praying out loud. We explained to them how this was a form of service, and how God has called them to serve others as well.

Just let we did with the preteens, we asked them to be in pray throughout this and they took it very seriously. One of the girls who have fallen way from God for a while now, was there and she was tightly holding on to the hand of the person next to them! I am praying that she will turn back to God!

After washing the feet, we headed over to the dorm to hang out. It was raining and some of the girls don’t like getting wet! I kicked one of the basketballs around with Marcos, Roberto, and Michael. Kicking a basketball hurts a lot more than kicking a soccer ball!

We then headed over to the volleyball court and played some girls versus guys volley ball! It was fun. It started at 2 on 2 and kept growing to 6 on 6. Personally I feel that the girls won, although I think the guys would say differently. We also restarted the score a few times when new people would join so I have no idea who really won!

Children’s worship was AWESOME as usual! Joyce’s mom was there singing and dancing with her kids which was neat to see! After worship, the “gringos” were pushed back into the house so that we could eat and then head to the airport! After dinner, we headed outside so that they could say goodbye! There wasn’t a dry eye in sight! Just shows how much this community’s loves to have people around them to share Christ’s love with them. We had a 55 passenger bus to take us to the airport and the plan was to take some of the teens with us, but because of worries of leaving some of the kids at the airport, we decided that it would just be those leaving and the group that lives in the house!

At the airport, we waited while they checked in and then headed to grab some Bob’s before they headed out!

They all will be greatly missed! But it was an awesome time serving with them and I can’t wait for when God allows us to serve together again!

Trunk, Smoothie, Vacation, Lesson, Shopping, Hammock, etc., Buddy you will be missed…but keep serving! Use what you have learned these weeks to further His kingdom wherever you go! Have fun in Baltimore…talk to you soon! “TIME”


Anonymous said...

Haha...time! Sorry im not there to help you retrive any stolen articles. We'll make sure we get a lock on our trunk though so we dont have to worry about Joyce! or maybe an alarm system that is one giant hand that "V8s" people if they try and break in! hah! i love it! miss you buddy. ;)