Sunday, July 19, 2009

33 Crazy Preteens


The schedule for the preteens was crazy! If you want to see it, please ask...there was so much awesome stuff that went on!! Its hard to discuss it all when writing!

Servant’s Heart Award Winners
- Luana
- Lias
- Amanda (2)
- Paulina
- Luciana

Overall Team Winner – White Team (AWESOME PARTICIPATION in EVERYTHING)


For the teens on Friday (since we didn’t want to completely neglect them for the preteens) we had each person write out a question that they wanted to be answered and discussed! We only had an hour for the teens, so we only got through 3 questions…some of them were more difficult than others, but it was neat to see all of them participating!

On Sunday after church, one of the mom's came up to me and Jordan wanting to talk! She said that she never understood why her kids wanted to come to Grupo CEO so much, until tonight! And she is going to try to be more involved and make sure her kids come to the different events! Praise God! I was wondering about their mom!