Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Jordan's Last Wednesday

Well we ended up not doing the washing of the feet with the teens yet. There were a couple of girls who headed to the movies instead of hanging out with us….so we plan on doing it tomorrow with the teens. We were able to have a pretty good conversation with the girls, although at some points it felt like pulling teeth! The girls that said they had questions were not there today, so maybe they will bring them up tomorrow!

Wednesday night, it was Pastor Brian’s turn to speak. But before he could get started, James and Renan had a little presentation for them! They were wearing his shirts, shorts, and shoes! It was hilarious! James kept pulling his pants up like Brian does and sticking his hands in his pockets. You have to see the video to truly appreciate it! Brian was laughing the WHOLE time!

There were a bunch of girls crying tonight too…this is Jordan, Rob, Nate, Tammy, Brian and the girls’ last night here! It going to be hard to see them go, they have been an awesome addition!