Monday, July 20, 2009

Relaxing, Yet Busy Day!!!

Today seemed like an easy day compared to the past three days! We had a few breaks between events instead of going 24/7 for 3 days! (Not that it wasn’t worth it, It just made me tired!)

It was great to see the little kiddos once again and throw playground balls at them…and with them…

The preteens were in a good mood, although a lot of them weren’t there, probably because they were tired out too! But we did have a good discussion about how we are to be changing for better serve God. Our question this week is: How is your shadow changing? So today Rob talked to the kids about Saul/Paul’s life. We reminded them that their life changes probably won’t be as drastic as Saul’s, but God can and will change us when needed, especially when we are ready and willing!

After lunch Rob, Nate, Tammy and Brian headed to VQ. Which left us with all the teens in the afternoon, which was cool, but we were unable to split up into our groups. We gave the teens to option of waiting until Rob and Nate were back to answer the rest of h the questions, but they wanted them answered that day. Many of them were very truthful and honest, others were interesting…

The hardest one to answer was “How did you enjoy your time in Brasil and What do you think of the teens?” Jo and Laura opted to answer the question tomorrow, but I was ready to go ahead and answer! I was honest; I was disappointed with them in the beginning because they kept making excuses for why they couldn’t meet with us. And it was hard to have discussions with them, but once they opened up, we were able to have better connections and understand each other better. I ended up getting really close with some of them, but felt we lost precious time in the beginning. I hope they took it the right way…we came down to be with them, learn with them and in the beginning, it was difficult, but the time we had later with them was awesome!

We played basketball and soccer as usual...although for a while, Jamile, Josepha, Joyce, Alane, Jo and I were playing "soccer" using a little ball and chairs on the porch of the was interesting and my feet were really hurting later!

I did make a goal while playing soccer! I don't kick the soccer ball nearly as hard as they do, but somehow I got it in!!!

After youth, it was time to relax and try to recoup from the weekend.