Friday, July 10, 2009

Phew! (Or how ever else you spell "a sigh of relief")

Well, what we thought would be a more difficult day turned out to be one of the best so far.

During each group we opened up in prayer and then gave them our testimonies of what God has done in our lives and what He is doing now. We have been hoping and praying for a time when we could better understand the kids around us and their reasons for not accepting Christ.

After we shared our testimonies, we gave the pre-teens and teens time to write out their own testimony. For those who did not have a testimony, we asked them to write out why they had not accepted Christ (fears, confusions, etc.). We then walked around and asked those who were struggling how it was going, and talked with them about what it means to be a Christian and how to ask Jesus into their heart.

5 pre-teens prayed to asked Jesus into their hearts for the first time today!

We talked to Mateus and Mateus again, they couldn't answer why they accepted Jesus, or what He had done for them, so Jordan walked through it again with them. I think it was some what nervousness...there were a lot of kids in there today!

Luana opened up to us about her past and her current fears. This sweet girl has been through a lot! Please pray for her as God continues to use her in awesome ways! Pray that she can forgive people for things that they have done to her, so that she does not have to carry that burden any more. Also pray that she is able to have a childhood and that all her time is not spent on taking care of her sisters, she needs to be a sister, not a mother!

After the preteens, we headed out to deliver some food (after counting Sula's fingers) and were able to find out how connected everyone in the community is! The cousins, grandparents, etc. was pretty interesting to find out! The kids living with their grandmother, although the mom is down the street...

I was also able to better understand Auranice today! She gave us a little bit of her back ground today and told us more about what God has done in her life! She is a really sweet lady and today has really helped me understand her better. Pray for Issac, her youngest who lives with a family in San Paulo, he is turning 3.

After lunch we dealt with the teens! We were interested to see how the teens would respond to our testimonies and having them write out their own, but the Teens took writing out their testimony very seriously which was exciting to see.

Joyce accepted Christ!! We have been praying for her this WHOLE time!

Robaslany, knows that she needs to accept Christ, but keeps saying that it isn't the right time for her. We talked with her for a long time, but still she resisted. Please pray for her heart and that God will change this attitude. Right now she is feeling that she has too many big sins and she is afraid that she is going to fall back into please pray that God will help her understand His love and His forgiveness!

Roberto was an interesting case! He says he has accepted Christ, but when we asked him to write out his testimony, he was having a difficult time! I don't doubt that he has accepted Christ, I just really wish that he could put it more into words. He has had a rough past, but seems to be headed the right direction! Please pray for God's guidance in his life too!

After the teens, we watched them play soccer! We kept calling James a "show off" whenever he had the ball, it was a new word that we had learned!

Renan tried to get me to eat this weird looking berry type thing, but I wasn't having it. He even put one in his mouth, but spit it out two seconds later.

Joyce was messing with us as usual. At one point we all had a leaf and she told us that they were our imaginary friends. They all had names...mine ended up needing CPR at one point! Joyce keeps trying to tells us that her name is now Neghina and that Joyce is dead (which is funny she keeps saying that because her old self did die today!). So at one point I named a leaf Joyce. She took it from me and crumpled it up. She's crazy, but you can't not love her!

We then had the preteen and teen meetings!
The preteens we having a pretty good time! They ended up playing some games at the end of the lesson and I really should have had my camera, but I'm always afraid Joyce is going to steal it from me along with my Bible.
The teens had a good time too! Afterward we had our usual Bible chase, but this time Roberto was helping us, but Joyce kept saying it wasn't fair! And Joyce gave Jordan a bruise on her NOSE by pinching it! Again...that's Joyce!

I had to say good bye to Amanda and Jessica tonight as well, but I'll be seeing them soon enough! They were awesome this week! Please pray for them too!

Once we got home...we had the BEST SMOOTHIE EVER!!!!! My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Well, it is raining. I need to take a shower and then get to bed!

We are helping concrete the roof to Pastor Edwardo's church tomorrow! MANUAL LABOR!! He has done so much for us, so we are excited that we get to help him and the church tomorrow!

Boa Noite!


ElĂ´. said...

Carlyn! I'm sooo happy I've found this blog! And wehn i read all this, wow! A lot has been happening this week, and i'm also very happy cause i've been praying for it all, specially Joyce since you guys told me she was not christian.. i'm SOOO happy now :D Well, keep posting, see you guys sooon :)

melaina said...

It sounds like God is really using your team down there! i'm very excited that you get to see His face in this...and i pray that continues when you come home to Texas.

Anonymous said...

Hey sweet little pearl! I finally caught up on your blog tonight. Going to bed early tonight because the quick weekend trip to Ponca took it out of me about 3pm this afternoon. It was a GREAT trip and Grandma was very excited to see us - Ara and me. She said that it lifted her spirits a lot. Aunt Angela and Uncle Steve's home and shop are beautiful. I am so excited for them. Uncle Steve will begin working out of his shop next Sat. I am very excited to read about all you adventures. Can't believe that we will be there in less than 2 weeks. Love ya bunches, Mom