Monday, July 13, 2009

Extended Family!

We are now one great big family in the Moore's house!

There are 5 sometimes more in Patrick and Douglas' room. Four people in Amanda's. Three people in Bill and Erika's and 4 in the guest bedroom (where us interns are staying).

After little kids worship, Bill's car and a taxi showed up, carrying the new additions to the team! They haven't been down for a couple of years, so it was neat to see the reactions from the teens that remember their study vs. the preteens that don't remember them.

We went somewhat easy on them their first day! We had the preteens group (talking about for shadows fear for the future)...Today we talked about Jonah and how his decision to run away from God didn't work out every well!

The boys (Rob and Nate (from Indiana) and John Paul (JP from IBC to translate) enjoyed playing basketball with them after wards! And having more people around, may make it possible to play volleyball and basketball at the same time with the preteens as we do with the teens! It was a good time!

Youth later on was fun too! We are going to start breaking up the groups into girls and guys, so maybe they won't feel so awkward. The teens worked on their skit and it is going well! I am hoping that when they do present it to the church, they will be able to be a little more serious, but overall they are doing well!

We got to play "signs" with them today! The teens understood the game a lot easier than the preteens! We ended up playing it for a long time because of the whether...and learned that it is important to know what different hand signals mean in different countries! (Mine was the awkward turtle, can't take that one the wrong way!)

After the lesson and playing signs, we ended up playing soccer once again! (Yes, no basketball, but we did have soccer, but there are less injuries on the soccer field when it is wet then on the BBall Court! Although, Rob was able to bust his toe up by kicking the concrete wall instead of the ball...he's doing better though!

It is going to be a blessing to have more people added to our team! Elo and JP are an awesome blessing too!