Thursday, July 9, 2009

Busy Week!

We have been going, going, going this week! So I'm just going to give the highlights of the past few days!

Monday ~
- We started our next question, "What surrounds your shadow?" Talking about the people and things that are a part of our lives and that influence us!
- That night there was the monthly teen meeting for the Assembly of God Church and Grupo CEO's teens. There ended up being A LOT more preteens than we expected, but it was a great meeting! Jordan gave a lesson on our "Love Tanks." (Before the meeting started, Joyce, as usual, stole Jordan's Bible and notes, so to get it back she told Joyce that she was going to have to speak for worked well.) We all try to fill our own love tanks through the people around us, our talents, what we spend our time on and the things that we own, but only by accepting Jesus into our lives, can our love tanks be full and overflowing! Only Christ has the ability to fill us up!

Tuesday ~
- Today we talked about having the fruit of the spirit attributes towards the people around us.
- Before the teen group really started today, we were waiting for a couple of them that have to show up late because of chores, we were asking Leinhia random questions in English, and then would wait for her to respond by shaking her head, before we would tell her what the question was...look at "Leinhia's Answers" for the list of questions and answers (will be updated as time goes on). It was HILARIOUS
- With the youth, because of the rain, we ended up staying in the CEO building playing SIGNS! It took a little bit for all of them to get it, but in the end, we played for over an hour and we were laughing the WHOLE time!
- We played soccer again today...but it was only the people that were at the Bible study that were allowed to play...there were 12 of us total...and they play 5on5, which meant I played the WHOLE feet hurt! But I did make two goals, and helped distract the goalie, Roberto, by playing a slapping game! I don't remember what the score ended up being, but it was A LOT to A LITTLE! But we had fun...that's all that matters!
- At church later that night, we had another great meeting, with many people! I sat with Alane throughout the service, we were dancing to the music in the back! She keeps telling Jordan and I that she is going to pull us in front of the children's worship hour tonight...we shall see if that really happens!
- After church...Joyce decided to steal Jordan and I's Bibles this time! Why my Bible, I have no idea...maybe because I help Jordan get her's back...but now she tries to get both of ours. We have a few people on our team, but at the same time, Joyce is very strong and determined! We keep laughing at the fact that she steals our Bibles, but can't read what they say...She's a funny kid!

Wednesday ~
- Today we talked about accountability with the younger kids and preteens!
- We used two different illustrations
---we first had volunteers help us carry a kid around in a blanket to demonstrate the kind of friends the crippled had and we asked the kids if they had friends that would carry them for miles!
---we then had one of the kids keep Jordan accountable in spelling words correctly on the board! We didn't tell them that she was going to spell them in English. With this illustration, we were able to explain to them the importance of choosing an appropriate accountability partner, who can actually help you out and find guidance from the Bible, when they are wrong. It was neat!
- We decided to take the rest of the evening off, so at lunch I drank some Mango juice, took a nap after lunch and woke up around 5. Everyone was in the pool and after much deliberation, decided to willingly join them before they made me. Jordan was carried from the back side of the dorm and then into the pool by 4 of the teens that were helping clean up the soccer field. This made 4 times she has been in water when she wanted to be dry. Towards the end of the pool fun...Douglas and Roberto, decided to have some fun and each grab an arm and a leg of mine and hold me in the water. A few times I could get away, but then they started dunking my head underwater and I couldn't see where I was because of my was fun over all...I found a bruise on my arm that I didn't know I had...not sure where it came from either!
- Pastor Eudes is starting a Teen night on Wednesday's and because it was the first meeting, we went to support Pastor Eudes. From what I understood, the lesson went really well, although one of the girls fell asleep right next to me...and she is HARD to wake up! (afterward Joyce stole our Bibles again!)
- For dinner we headed over to "Tequila's." We were a little disappointed that he was not there for some entertainment, but the food was amazing as before. The 9 of us clown car-ed it back to the house with Erika's food in hand (She's not allowed to drive...but who knows how long until she tries).

Thursday ~
- Today's lesson was on being a good example to those around us and making sure that we know what the Bible is telling us, not just what others tell us, or what we make up.
- Lunch was awesome!
- We are now resting, getting ready for the teen group at 14:00!

Prayer Requests
~ Lamb family
~ We are giving our testimonies tomorrow! (Prepared hearts)
~ Erika's continued recovery (she is doing awesome btw, her check up went well!)