Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hit the Ground Running!

So we picked up the Copperfield team around 6:30 this morning! Phew...It was early!

As soon as we got back to the complex (not compound) it was time to get organized and figure out where everyone would be sleeping! Luckily, their bags were marked really well this year, Red tags were supplies (go to the side of the dorm), Blue tags were personal items (go inside the dorm).

After getting everyone situated, Sula and the rest of the kitchen team had prepared a snack/breakfast for everyone! It was good as always, but I had to eat mine on the run! Last night Pastor Eudes asked the teens to get a dance prepared to welcome the Copperfield team on Sunday! They want to do the line dance to Beautiful One, so that meant we HAD to practice!

So at 9 with my coffee in hand, headed over to the Grupo Building to figure out who would actually show up and want to dance from the TEENS!!!

James, DeDe, Liniah, Alane, Joyce, Josefa, Barbara...the usual were there waiting for me! So were a bunch of young-ins wanting to see the rest of the American group!
Practice went well! Hopefully all will go well and the room needed to line dance will be available!

At 10 we had orientation! There are a lot of new faces on this trip, so we needed to lay some ground rules and help mentally prepared them for their trip!

We then went on a prayer walk around the community, in 4 groups! I got to see Joyce and Josefa's house! It was neat getting to see some more of the houses of the families that I have been around for so long! I didn't realize that Joyce's mom had been helping take care of Geisa, Gesiana, and Bruna while their mom is at work...those kids are a handful!

Then we had lunch...yummm...and lunch dishes...YAY! Christian and I are on the same team so it helps washing dishes pass the time!

We then had a community outreach and construction time!
We washed kids hair, painted nails, cut kids hair, de-liced (just thinking about it sometimes makes my head itch...its weird), taught them how to brush their teeth and were able to play with a few while working with others! Overall it was a successful 3 hour community outreach!

Then it was time for dinner! YUMM...again!!!

Then we set up for a community ice-breaker...

We had music blasting, people singing and dancing (people crying being one of them), food being passed around, people laughing! Being able to fellowship in such an awesome way! The person in charge of the music had a few songs that the Americans would know in don't worry they didn't feel left out!

It ended up being a simi-late night...but this first day got off to a great start!