Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Washing Feet

Kiddos ~
Today we talked about Jesus washing the disciples feet and how if they have accepted Jesus into their lives, they still need to wash their feet, but the rest of their body is clean!

Preteens ~
Today is pretty much our last shadow question day (Jo and the rest of the team from Indiana leave tomorrow). So we took the time to answer any last questions they might have and talk about the weeks we were with them.

We then had them sit in a circle so that we could talk about the washing of feet and actually wash their feet, one by one! We told them that this was a serious time and that we wanted them to be praying while we did this. Most of them it seriously, there were only a few who were talking during that time. But I believe it is the quietest I have ever seen them! It was a neat experience!

Becasue of the rain, we played dodgeball until it was time to go! Awesome time as usual!

Will see them soon!!! The girls are wanting to split up today so that they can ask us a few more questions...Then we will be washing their feet as well!