Monday, July 27, 2009

A More Normal Day...

Well, the Americans were able to go through an interns schedule today. Most are handling it well, it is taking a lot of energy out of them, but they have all had a awesome attitudes and willingness to do all that has been asked of them.

Children''s went to throw balls at the little kids as usual, along with a lesson and a snack!

Peace Makers was continued today, as we looked at different passages in the Bible and how they dealt with the situations. They were also able to do a craft with the preteens today...salvation bracelets...they all enjoyed it, although some were having difficulty keeping them on. We also got to teach the Copperfield team how to play Brazilian dodge was entertaining!

The teens had a good time together as well. We had a surprise birthday party for Rafael, who has been working with the teens for a while now and he is here with the rest of the IBC team for this week!

While they rewrote the information they wanted on the board for the lesson, we played a game called Chain-Reaction with them. There were a lot of Boys there, so JT questioned whether or not they would play since they would have to hold hands..they actually played it for a while!

After Chain-Reaction, they went through the Biblical examples again...
Afterward we went and played Volleyball, Soccer and Basketball...

This evening we had Peace Makers for the adults and a worship service for the teens and preteens! I heard the Peace Makers went well, although there was a smaller turnout than expected, but God brought to the meeting who needed to be there!

The worship time was enjoyable! We played music, danced, had a short devotional, and played some games! At the end of the night, I was exhausted and ready to head to bed!

Tomorrow we have about the same schedule...although we will all be wearing our pink Peace Makers shirts!