Monday, May 25, 2009

Brazil 2009

The preperation continues as Laura, Jordan and I look towards our summer in Brazil. Bible lessons are coming together, skits are being found, songs are getting dances put with them, money is being raised and prayers are going up (most important)!!!

This is just the first of many posts to come, so please check back to see what is happening. Laura and I leave the 8th of June, but I will be posting prayer requests as time gets closer! Thankyou for your time!

Prayer Requests:
- Our hearts would be open and ready to embrace the people we come in contact with
- Their hearts will be open and ready to hear what God is saying
- That we will share God's unfailing love with the people even when we are tired
- That we will be an example to the people we are around
- That the funds needed will be raised
- That the lessons that we will be teaching will be applicable to their lives
- That God will change the lives and receive all the glory


Ara said...

Hey sis :) I'm praying for you as always. Love you and let me know of ANYTHING you need :) Hugs - ara d.